Abomination: Berserker (Zombiecide)

Weapon Ra DM FE AP Misc Points
Shotgun 4" / 8" 2 2 0 +1 to close assaults 39


Assault Troops: +2 to all Close Assaults.
Berserk: A squad with this trait will ignore the effects of being Under Fire or Pinned if they activate within close assault range of an enemy unit.

However they must charge into hand-to-hand combat with the nearest enemy unit, and receive a +2 to their Close Assault.
Fast: +2" base movement rate.
Infect: When a figure is killed in Close Assault by a unit with this trait roll 1d6, on 5+ the figure is infected.
Regenerate: Any figure with this trait will automatically heal their wound by remaining inactive during their next turn. They cannot Move in any way, nor can they Shoot or Close Assault. At the end of their dormant activation, they are fully healed.
Shock Troops: Shock Troops add +1 to all Close Assaults.
Zombie: Zombies are Relentless and Fanatics. Unless the scenario dictates otherwise, they may never Rush. Zombies also have poor vision, so they cannot Shoot beyond close range, and all fire suffers a -2 penalty.

Total Points: 39

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