Member Weapon Ra DM FE AP Notes Points
Maj W (Force Leader) Assault Rifle 5" / 25" 2 0 0 44
Sgt H (Sniper/Heavy Weapons) High Tech Rifle 5" / 30" 2 0 0 47
Cpl V Assault Rifle 5" / 25" 2 0 0 44
Cpl G Assault Rifle 5" / 25" 2 0 0 44


Agile: Agile units ignore movement penalties when crossing Difficult Terrain.
Elusive: Once per turn, when an elusive unit is fired upon, they may fall back 4” before shooting is resolved. Measure range and calculate terrain benefits from their new location. If Line of Sight is lost, the shooting unit is free to select another target.
Engineer: Engineers automatically succeed on one of their dice when attempting to rig or detonate demolition charges. Roll one less die than allowed, and add one success to the result. In addition, units with the engineer trait add +2 to their die roll when encountering minefields.
Fanatic: These units never need to Check Resolve, but they must have a Resolve of “Steady”
Fast: +2" base movement rate.
Night Vision: May fire normally to specified range
Stealth: A unit with this ability always succeeds when it goes into hiding (see Hidden Movement). There is no die roll required.

Total Points: 179

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