M-3A3 Bradley II CFV (US Army (WWIII Era))

Type: IFV
Crew: 3
Capacity: 2

Weapon Ra DM FE AP Misc Points
Auto Cannon - Light 4" 5 1 0
General Purpose MG 4" 3 3 0
Missile Launcher 4" 2 1 3 Can fire HE (Blast 3, 0 AP) or AP (Blast 0, 3 AP)


Amphibious: Suitably equipped vehicles can cross water at half Cautious speeds. Any firing while in the water suffers a -3 Fire Effect penalty.
Forward Observer: The vehicle is equipped with special sighting and communications gear linked to an artillery unit. This vehicle can take a Command action to call for Indirect Artillery Fire.
Smoke: Any vehicle equipped with smoke may lay down one smoke screen per game. Follow the rules for Smoke Grenades, except that the two points which mark the ends of the smoke screen can be placed anywhere the vehicle can see to shoot. As with infantry squads, the vehicle can Shoot (lay down the smoke) before they Move.

Total Points: 81

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