Callsign 30 (Samboran Republic)

Type: IFV
Crew: 3
Capacity: 6

Weapon Ra DM FE AP Misc Points
Auto Cannon - Light 4" 5 1 0
General Purpose MG 4" 3 3 0
Missile Launcher 4" 2 1 3 Can fire HE (Blast 3, 0 AP) or AP (Blast 0, 3 AP)


Advanced Targeting System: Vehicles with advanced targeting systems add +2 to all Fire Effect rolls against other vehicles and hard targets (bunkers, buildings, etc).
Amphibious: Suitably equipped vehicles can cross water at half Cautious speeds. Any firing while in the water suffers a -3 Fire Effect penalty.
Weapon Stabilizer: Vehicles with stabilized main weapons may fire when moving at standard speeds. All other modifiers apply as usual.

Total Points: 174

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