VDV/Spetsnaz ([Cold War] Soviet)

Member Weapon Ra DM FE AP Notes Points
Sgt Assault Carbine 5" / 20" 2 0 0 Veteran Leader 90
Mach. Gun. SAW 5" / 30" 2 2 0 42
RPG Missile Launcher 5" / 40" 2 1 3 Can fire HE (Blast 3, 0 AP) or AP (Blast 0, 3 AP) 101
Assist rpg Assault Carbine 5" / 20" 2 0 0 23
Sr rifle Assault Carbine 5" / 20" 2 0 0 Leader 23
Medic Assault Carbine 5" / 20" 2 0 0 23
Sniper Assault Rifle 5" / 25" 2 0 0 25


Adaptive Camouflage: This unit is equipped with an outfit (or armour) that disrupts the appearance of the unit. If the unit moved this turn and is fired at then resolve the shooting as if the unit is one range band further away.

If the unit did not move, it cannot be shot at beyond long range.
Agile: Agile units ignore movement penalties when crossing Difficult Terrain.
Brave: This unit automatically succeeds on one of their dice when testing morale. Roll one less die than required and add one success to the result.
Dependant: When led by officer this squad will automatically pass one of it's command response dice. If not it automatically fails on one of it's command response dice.
Fire Team: This unit can be split into two independent squads that act separately of each other but must still stay within close proximity of their partner fireteam.

Adding this trait to a unit allows it to use the “Fire Teams” advanced rule.
Hardened: These troops ignore being Under Fire until they suffer their first casualty, and may always leave wounded behind.
Infilration: After initial deployment, this squad may make an additional Rush move before the game starts. In addition, they check Coherency at one level higher than their Quality level.
Stealth: A unit with this ability always succeeds when it goes into hiding (see Hidden Movement). There is no die roll required.

Total Points: 327

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