Crab walker (Cryxian)

Type: Walker
Crew: 3

Weapon Ra DM FE AP Misc Points
Beam - Heavy 5" 2 0 3
Chain Gun - Heavy 5" 2 7 0
Missile Launcher 5" 2 1 3 Can fire HE (Blast 3, 0 AP) or AP (Blast 0, 3 AP)
Mounted Flamethrower 5" 2 0 2 +1D6 to fire effect, +1 to close assaults
Rail Gun - Heavy 5" 4 0 3


Advanced Targeting System: Vehicles with advanced targeting systems add +2 to all Fire Effect rolls against other vehicles and hard targets (bunkers, buildings, etc).
AI Controlled: This vehicle has an artificial intelligence (AI) running it and so has no crew. These AI systems are most commonly installed in heavy tanks and walkers, but can exist in any vehicle.

An AI Vehicle is completely immune to any morale effects and when it is “damaged” it can re-roll one of the dice of its Quality Test to recover from damage. An AI Controlled vehicle can only be of Steady Resolve.

Also, an AI controlled vehicle has zero crew and can fire weapons as if it has an number of crew equal to its total number of weapons.
Amphibious: Suitably equipped vehicles can cross water at half Cautious speeds. Any firing while in the water suffers a -3 Fire Effect penalty.
Close - In Defense System: Only fully armoured and enclosed vehicles may take this upgrade which launches a canister shot a few meters above the vehicle before it detonates. The resultant blast does no harm to the vehicle, but any troops nearby will be targeted.

Treat this as a Blast Weapon with a radius of 4” centered on the vehicle. Any unit within this radius will be hit by the blast. For each unit affected, work out any potential casualties by continuing with the rules to Determine Strike Effect.
Electronic Countermeasures: ECMs can be fitted to vehicles to negate the effectiveness of advanced targeting systems. As such, a vehicle equipped with an Advanced Targeting System receives no benefit from that system if the target is equipped with ECM.
Energy screen: Vehicles with this trait roll 1d6 for every hit they suffer. On a result of 5+ the hit is negated.
Fast: The vehicle adds +2" to Cautious and Standard movement rates.
Improved Weapons Control: An improved weapons control system allows a single crew to fire two weapons instead of the single weapon normally allowed.
Linked Weapons: Sometimes two are better than one! This could be two machine guns welded together or dual chain guns linked with sophisticated targeting equipment.

When picking this trait, choose one of the weapons on this vehicle, when firing this weapon roll 2D6 and pick the highest result (as you would for infantry).

This trait can be taken multiple times, each time it applies to a different weapon.
Smoke: Any vehicle equipped with smoke may lay down one smoke screen per game. Follow the rules for Smoke Grenades, except that the two points which mark the ends of the smoke screen can be placed anywhere the vehicle can see to shoot. As with infantry squads, the vehicle can Shoot (lay down the smoke) before they Move.
Stealth: Some vehicles use a combination of shape, advanced materials and chameleon coverings to avoid detection and foil targeting systems. Therefore, any shooting directed at a vehicle with stealth capabilities is resolved at one range band beyond the distance indicated.
Weapon Stabilizer: Vehicles with stabilized main weapons may fire when moving at standard speeds. All other modifiers apply as usual.

Total Points: 5900

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