Member Weapon Ra DM FE AP Notes Points
Flamethrower 4" / 4" 2 0 2 Regular Leader, +1D6 to fire effect, +1 to close assaults 13
Assault Carbine 4" / 16" 2 0 0 9
Assault Carbine 4" / 16" 2 0 0 9
Assault Carbine 4" / 16" 2 0 0 9
Chain Gun - Light 4" / 16" 2 5 0 22


Grav Mount: A grav mount allows for heavy weapons to be moved more easily and will also dampen recoil when fired. The mount may move at the same speed as it's crew, is unhindered by terrain but may not perform rush moves.

The crew must remain within normal coherency distance of the mount to operate it and when mounting a “light” or “medium” version of any heavy weapon, the mount may move and fire its armament.

When fired upon, treat the mount as a normal squad member, with heavy armour. A hit indicates that the mount is damaged and the crew must make a quality test each turn, and pass on two or more dice to operate it. If the platform recieves a second hit, or all 3 dice fail, the platform is destroyed and the crew must operate the weapon in the traditional fashion.

Total Points: 62

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