Brotherhood attack Dogs (Brotherhood of the pamphlet )

Member Weapon Ra DM FE AP Notes Points
Dog 1 None 4" / 0" 0 0 0 26
Dog 2 None 4" / 0" 0 0 0 26
Dog 3 None 4" / 0" 0 0 0 26
Dog 4 None 4" / 0" 0 0 0 26
Dog 5 None 4" / 0" 0 0 0 26


Disruptive Charge: When this unit charges into close combat it sends it's opponent into disarray. Because of this the opponent suffers a -2 penalty to fire effect on their free attack when receiving a charge from this unit. from this unit.
Hive Mind (unit): Units with this Trait are Fanatic and Relentless when they activate within 12” of one of a mind controllers. This controller can be another squad or an independent figure with the Hive Mind (controller) trait.

If the unit is beyond 12” of the controller, it must pass a Quality Test on 2 or more dice, or it cannot activate this turn.
Swift: These units add +4” to their base movement rate.
Terrifying: Squads with this trait will strike fear in the hearts of any unit nearby. An enemy unit which activates within 8” of a terrifying squad must make an immediate Morale Test.
Unstable Technology: These troops make use of weapons and equipment that may be powerful or advanced, but have also not been thoroughly tested. They may be prototypes or something jerry rigged but whatever the case there is a chance something will go wrong!

Every time a unit with this trait rolls a 1 on a fire effect dice it takes a hit with a damage equal to the standard weapon. Resolve this hit in the usual fashion.

NOTE: if a squad rolls 2 1's on their fire effect dice they receive 2 hits.

Total Points: 130

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