Brother Doggy Dave (Brotherhood of the pamphlet )

Weapon Ra DM FE AP Misc Points
Blaster Pistol 4" / 4" 4 0 0 +1 to close assaults 45


Personality: One "Personality" of your choice.
Hive mind (controller): This unit controls other members of a hive mind (see Hive Mind unit) but is also Fanatic and Relentless.
Supreme Armour: An ancient artifact from an age of lost technology, a holy (or unholy) relic, maybe even a mastercrafted piece of technology. This trait applies to the armour of the unit which gains +1 to the Armour Rating of the unit.
Unstable Technology: These troops make use of weapons and equipment that may be powerful or advanced, but have also not been thoroughly tested. They may be prototypes or something jerry rigged but whatever the case there is a chance something will go wrong!

Every time a unit with this trait rolls a 1 on a fire effect dice it takes a hit with a damage equal to the standard weapon. Resolve this hit in the usual fashion.

NOTE: if a squad rolls 2 1's on their fire effect dice they receive 2 hits.

Total Points: 45

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