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Brave: This unit automatically succeeds on one of their dice when testing morale. Roll one less die than required and add one success to the result.
Detection: Every time this unit is activated, all hidden markers within 12” must be removed or revealed.
Elusive: Once per turn, when an elusive unit is fired upon, they may fall back 4” before shooting is resolved. Measure range and calculate terrain benefits from their new location. If Line of Sight is lost, the shooting unit is free to select another target.
Fearless: Ignores any Morale Tests caused by Terrifying units or psionic Terror.
Hardened: These troops ignore being Under Fire until they suffer their first casualty, and may always leave wounded behind.
Night Vision: May fire normally to specified range
Save: Squads with this trait roll 1d6 for every hit they suffer. On a result of 5+ the hit is negated.

NOTE: Power Armour Troopers can only make one save in close combat.

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