Deffkopta ~ Bomber (Orks)

Type: Light Transport
Crew: 1

Weapon Ra DM FE AP Misc Points
General Purpose MG 3" 3 3 0


Close - In Defense System: Only fully armoured and enclosed vehicles may take this upgrade which launches a canister shot a few meters above the vehicle before it detonates. The resultant blast does no harm to the vehicle, but any troops nearby will be targeted.

Treat this as a Blast Weapon with a radius of 4” centered on the vehicle. Any unit within this radius will be hit by the blast. For each unit affected, work out any potential casualties by continuing with the rules to Determine Strike Effect.
Supercharged: The vehicle adds +4" to Cautious and Standard movement rates.
Weapon Stabilizer: Vehicles with stabilized main weapons may fire when moving at standard speeds. All other modifiers apply as usual.

Total Points: 43

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