The Rules for the FAD Sci-Fi Wargame

These pages cover all the details of how to play F.A.D and is broken into sub-sections for easier reading. We recommend that you start with the basic rules, then play a few games.

Once you are familiar with the basic game, read through the advanced rules and pick the ones you like. Also feel free to browse the list of weapons and armour in the "Armoury" or the list of special abilities you can add to your units in the "Traits" page.

If you would like to view the entire rules on one page, use the button below and you will be taken to a printer friendly page that shows all the rules for FAD in one place.

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Players new to the game should start small, with 2 or 3 identical infantry squads on each side, using only the Basic Game rules for moving, shooting and assaulting. No heavy weapons, artillery or vehicles.

Below are all the rules you will need to know to play a basic game of F.A.D. Once you are familiar with these rules you can move on to trying some of the advanced rules and larger forces.

This section contains rules that enhance game play and provide a deeper and more realistic battle, but at the cost of added complexity.

Traits are special abilities which apply to either an entire squad, character or vehicle. They are designed to allow players to customise their forces to match the figures being used and create the backgrounds they prefer.

The armoury contains a list of all the weapons and armour you can use in your F.A.D games, as well as damage, bonuses (such as fire effect or AP), range multipliers and points cost (for if you are using points).

Once you have put together your armies you will need some missions (so you can pit your forces against your enemies). If you are just getting started with F.A.D then a few matches of standard deathmatch (one team attempts to inflict the most losses) can be a simple way of learning the rules, but these types of matches can get repetitive very quickly.

If you are just getting started wargaming with FAD then we would advise you check out our pre-written army lists[/official-army-lists/]. All you have to do is print off the list you want and decide on a force composition that works for you (each list even has points costs to make the selection a little easier).

Here you can find all the tables used in the basic rules in one place, simplified where possible.

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