Official Army Lists

Here you can find pre-written army lists, created by ourselves and play tested to ensure they work well.

We have tried to give each list a theme, that will allow you to play with any miniatures you may own, or with any miniatures you would like to buy.

Each list provides some basic background about the faction and will then provide a list of units you can use to play a game of F.A.D. Each of these units gives you information about the unit itself, it's stats (such as Quality, Resolve, basic Fire Effect, etc) and any traits it may have.

To create a squad, ensure you give it a number of troops that complies with it's structure. If you are using a points system, you can determine the points cost by adding the cost of each trooper together. If making a heavy weapons team, simply choose the weapon from the list that you want the few to service (the points cost for that weapon is also provided). It you want to use a vehicle or character simply make a note of them and their points cost (if necessary).

Over a relatively short space of time, mankind has grown as a species to be one of the most numerous in the galaxy. A very high reproductive rate, combined with a lifespan ranging from 80 to 200 years (depending on the settlement) means that human outposts can be found in almost all parts of the galaxy.

Not every society is the pinnacle of advancement. Some groups exist on the fringes of advanced society, fighting for independent. Others are resistance movements fighting to overthrow the government, or insurgents attempting​ to assault neighbouring powers.

Genetically engineered super soldiers, fielding highly sophisticated power armour and state of the art weapons. These soldiers were once human but have undergone such dramatic alterations that they may as well be a separate species! The Space Knights patrol the galaxy ensuring order prevails and enforcing the rules of law with brutal efficiency.

Existing long before mankind had reached the stars, the ancient and eternal Elves have traveled the galaxy. Similar in appearance to a tall, slight of build human, the Elves possess near supernatural strength and speed. Many of their kind are also able to manifest powerful psychic abilities.

Humans were not the only species from earth to colonize space. As soon as commercial freighters started to travel between worlds, wild Rats spread amongst the stars. At some point in history these rats mutated and became sentient beings. Now they have built a society from the scavenged remains of other races.

As soon as humans began to explore the deeper regions of the galaxy, they encountered the Green Skinned menace? Devoid of fear and attacking without warning, few settlements avoid their onslaught. Greenskins exist for one sole purpose, to fight!

Out of all the horror of the universe, the plague is one of the most terrifying. Distorting and corrupting all that are infected, turning them into shuffling husks of their former selves. Even worse are the unfortunate few who are corrupted even further, turned into brutal beasts of destruction.

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