Human Marine Starter Army

This is the first in a series of posts that aim to provide example armies that you can use to get you started playing F.A.D. Each "army" will provide you with one, two or three squads of troops (possibly with some advanced rules thrown in), which will always work out to be about 150 points (if you use the points buy system).

These starter armies will provide enough troops to play a game roughly 30 minutes long and should allow you to get to grips with the basic rules. Once you are comfortable with playing the game with these figures, you can expand on your force by adding some more troops, maybe a character or even a vehicle or two.

This first army is for a small detachment of human marines (with the units taken from the Human Military Forces list) and consists of a squad of 9 Light Infantry and a squad of 5 Powdered Armour troops.

Viridian marines used in a Human Military starter faction

The Light Infantry is equipped with basic assault rifles and light armour except for one support trooper, who has a squad automatic weapon (SAW). Light Infantry has no traits or personalities (these are just every day grunts after all). They do however have an "Experienced Leader" and while he is alive the squad are considered Elite for the purposes of Fire Effect (meaning they get +1) and Morale Tests (meaning they pass on a 2+).



viridian assault marines

The Powered Armour Infantry is equipped with light powered armour and gauss carbines and also has a support trooper who is equipped with a squad automatic weapon (SAW). The Powered Armour Infantry is already of elite quality so only need a "Regular Leader" to lead the squad.

Note: Both squads pictured are Viridian Marines and Assault Troops, originally from Urban Mammoth's VOID game (now available via Scotia Grendal). 

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