Our new community and force creation rules

We have now added two new areas to the FAD website, which will hopefully make engagement with this ruleset a little easier (and make them a little more expansive).

Our new community

first up is our new community area. This simple forum is intended to allow users to post questions and ideas about the FAD rules and also contribute forces they have created.

The forum itself is intended to be simple, you will need to register for an account and then verify your email address in order to post (unfortunately the internet is awash with spammers, so these measures are needed in order to stop the forum being flooded).

Once you are registered, you can start a discussion or comment on someone elses discussion. Any URLs you post will be converted automatically to link, image, or YouTube/Video video.

Create your own forces

The points buy system from the original FAD has finally been transcribed onto the site and edited. For the most part the rules are unchanged from earlier versions, and we have thrown in very simple force generation rules, for if you want to get playing quickly.

We hope you enjoy the new additions!




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