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A few updates added

It has been quite in the FAD world for a little while, but a few few rules updates/clarifications have just been added.

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Email problems now fixed

Since the new site for the FAD wargame went online, we have had reports of issues with emails not sending correctly (or at all).

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Our new community and force creation rules

We have now added two new areas to the FAD website, which will hopefully make engagement with this ruleset a little easier (and make them a little more expansive).

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Scenario Rules now "Live"

After much toil the new F.A.D scenario rules are now live. The original rules were pretty cool, allowing you to select stances and attitudes and deploy in an unpredictable (and...

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Human Marine Starter Army

This is the first in a series of posts that aim to provide example armies that you can use to get you started playing F.A.D.

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The begining of a new era

F.A.D (or Fast and Dirty) was originally a ruleset written by Ivan Sorensen, who very kindly released it online for free (for the enjoyment of sci-fi fans everywhere) and featured...

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