Scenario Rules now "Live"

After much toil the new F.A.D scenario rules are now live. The original rules were pretty cool, allowing you to select stances and attitudes and deploy in an unpredictable (and fun) fasion. For this version we have tried to keep as much of this feel as we can, while streamlining the whole scenario generation process.

For those familiar with the scenario generation process from earlier versions of F.A.D, the key differences are:

  • Stance and Attitude have now been merged into a simpler "command style". This is designed to be quicker to select and get going with (and hopefully should involve less reading and more gaming).
  • Bonuses for command styles have been scaled back. Although the original system was fun, it could require you to bring additional scenery to the table or keep track of additional special rules. We have tried to simplify this process, (so you only need some simple objective markers and contact markers).
  • Missions selections rules have been simplified. Now you just have to roll 2D6 and compare the result to the corresponding table.

All the changes above have been made with the mantra "streamline the game, but keep it fun" in mind. We hope that this new version will keep the fun of the original scenario rules, but allow players to get into deploying and playing the game much more quickly!

You can view the scenario rules under the rules page on our website. 

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